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Due to heavy call volume please place pickup / delivery orders online. Thank you! 😊
Merry Christmas! We are closed today.

πŸŽ… From our family to yours, Merry Christmas! πŸŽ„
We are closed today and will be open tomorrow regular hours.

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Santa Special - Shawarma Wrap 2 for $10

Have you tried Super Shawarma? Here is a reason you should:
πŸŽ… Santa Special is Back!
🌯 Shawarma Wrap 2 for $10 🌯
🚢 Walk-in Only
πŸ“ Highland Hills Mall πŸ—ΊοΈ
** Show this Post at the Counter: Santa Special **
** Deal ends December 31, 2018 **

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April Month Special

Chicken Shawarma Plate

For the month of April, get a Chicken Shawarma Plate for just $8.85+tax.

Pickup Only.

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Try Our Onion Rings

We now have onion rings! Try for just $3.98!

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Ramadan Kareem

Let us help you this ramadan for iftaar and any catering needs.

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A healthy outside...

β€œA healthy outside starts from the inside” Come and enjoy our healthy chicken shawarma today!β €

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Your diet is a bank account

"Your #diet is a #bank account. #Good #food choices are good #investments" β € Eat #healthy & #delicious meals at #Super #Shawarma !β €

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Bulk Up

BULK UP ON PROTEIN!!! Come try our delicious healthy GYRO WRAP!

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Don't Wait For The Perfect Moment

Don’t wait for the PERFECT MOMENT, take the moment and make it PERFECT! Try our delicious healthy Hummus Dip (made with Chickpeas, Olive Oil and herbs).

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Feeling Fridaylicious

Come on down to bulk up on protein with Mixed BBQ Platter.

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Hump Day Relief

Hump Day Relief!!!
Time to fill up on PROTEIN n refuel muscles with delicious Mixed BBQ Platter!!!

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Kick Start Your Tuesday

Kick start your Tuesday with a Healthy Chicken Shawarma Salad!

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Its Monday

It's Monday...Don't forget to be AWESOME!!!
Which wrap is it going to be today???
1) Chicken
2) Beef
3) Falafel

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Shawarma Platter

Chicken / Beef Shawarma Platter with Tabouli Salad and Fries

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Cheat Day Poutine


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New Year Resolution

New Year Resolution
EAT GOOD FEEL GOOD!!! Order Online

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